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Client Comments

I had booked a single day workshop with neeta maam for my friend’s birthday. She is an excellent baker and it was great learning to bake desserts and cakes with her. She even taught us diet friendly options to enjoy sweet treats regularly without worrying too much. All in all it was a great experience and i look forward to attending her class again sometime.

Civilee Nanda

I attended Neeta’s bread baking classes and I can only describe them as ‘Superb’. The recipes work perfectly in an Indian kitchen. The atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful and Neeta has in-depth knowledge and understanding of food and the tools used to stir up delicious goodies. Every aspect of the recipe including tricks and tips to get excellent results are explained in detail and at the end you get to taste the yummy food. If you are a novice or an experienced cook – you re sure to learn something new here.

Alpna Manchanda

I attended Neeta ma’am’s cooking class with my mom and we learnt four continental dishes. The overall experience was great and she taught the recipes really well. Each dish was unique but the aroma and taste of mushroom sauce was amazing and so was the Shepherd’s pie. After all the hard work we sat down on a lovely laid table and enjoyed the 4 dishes. Thanks Neeta ma’am for all the excellent tips

Pranit Chawla

Joined the breads course…found it too good!!!in just two days…i am now confident i can make the breads at home.Neeta has a simple and very homely way of explaining baking…making everyone feel comfortable.Kudos to her energy!!

Sunita Gupta

I joined Neeta Khurana’s Baking and Chinese cooking sessions where she made the experience very exciting and interesting. The technique she teaches is simple but intricate. I enjoyed those 3 hours of classes and it is wonderful to know that I can also create such delicious dishes.

Suhas Athma

I attended baking classes held by Mrs. Neeta Khurana and had a wonderful experience. Even though I am an amateur cook, with her help, expertise and eye for detail I was able to master the art of baking. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested and eager to learn cooking.

Tarini Sahai

Neeta was very organized since the beginning, she was prepared for our dishes preparation, having chopped, marinated meats and more details ready, making the cooking easier and quicker. She prepared a copy of the recipes that we prepared. She prepared a wide menu for us to learn, with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and desserts. It was great not only cooking but also sharing with her family the dinner. With out a doubt super recommended and we’ll visit you again when in Delhi!

Melania (Costa Rica) and Branko (Serbia)

I recently attended Mrs Neeta Khurana’s baking course and found she is an excellent teacher and amazing baker. She explained everything in very simple and easy way. She does not only teach the baking but also explain reason behind every aspect of baking. She is very passionate about baking and cooking. I just tried couple of dishes at my home they came out perfect. Thanks a lot Ma’am.

Anoop Singh

My mother and I attended Neeta’s Indian cooking shot course and it was great! In a very short time we learned so much! We finally know about most Indian spices and can cook some traditional Indian dishes back home. I feel sorry that I had to leave Delhi so soon, really wanted to have another class… I recommend her courses to anyone who is visiting Delhi. Thank you Neeta!

Yossi Oknin

I happened to know about Neeta Ma’ams classes through the internet and I would say it was the best thing to have happened for somebody who was on a lookout for baking course. I had the best learning experience during my course. Ma’am is a lady with the right skills, acumen and a teaching spirit. She teaches with so much of interest and would guide you at each step instilling knowledge through her experience. Ma’am, It was a pleasure being part of your course.

Neha Bhatia

Its been a delight to see my family love the dishes I had served after joining Neeta Khurana’s classes.I have been a part of Baking, Ice cream, Continental and have recently undertaken Advanced Baking too. Simple methods,clear cut recipes,logical explanations and homely atmosphere provide a perfect setting for learning. 3-6 hrs of effort for lifelong gastronomical delight for your loved ones !!!!! totally worth it. A MUST GO for every woman of today!!

Seema Sethi

My husband and I chose Neeta’s cooking classes because we were able to customize it to our needs and wow she delivered. Neeta is a very knowledgeable and experienced cook, she has been cooking three meals a day for the last 25 years. She is fun yet a dedicated teacher who is very detail oriented and precise. The spices know how and the “short-cuts” we learned from her are very valuable and will make it easy for us to cook meals at home. She connects well with other cultures as she has traveled to Europe and USA. During the cooking classes we had an opportunity to discuss the cultural differences as well. We learned so much and feel very comfortable to cook it back home. If you stay in Delhi you should reserve two days to deepen your Indian cooking skill at Neeta’s. Thank you Neeta this was so much fun.

Sonja and Frank Gfeller

It’s always a pleasure when people appreciate my cooking and baking skills but I’d say the credit goes to Neeta ma’am! She’s undoubtedly an expert and makes the cooking process not just simple but also enjoyable. Most importantly, she ensures that each of her students gets hands-on experience. I’ve done several courses with her like Baking, Veg Snacks, Indian Breads, Ice Creams as well as Indian Veg & Non Veg and certainly plan to do many more!! I would totally recommend Neeta ma’ams courses to anyone wishing to explore their fondness for cooking 🙂

Garima Chawla

Last week in Delhi we had a fantastic cooking class from Neeta…. Over the course of a morning and in a relaxed and friendly fashion, Neeta walked us through four key Indian dishes plus the preparation of Indian breads. The best part being the meal at end ….. where we tasted what we’d/she’d cooked… Backed with the recipes which Neeta provides at the beginning of the lesson, you’d don’t need to be Chef to follow her instructions…. I’d heartily recommend adding a day with Neeta to anyone wanting to understand Indian culture and lifestyle.

Marc and Rossella

Well, I was looking for cooking classes coz i’m getting married and luckily I got Neeta’s classes. She teaches so well and such great healthy & tasty recipes as well as making cooking so simple. I never thought I would love cooking. Now I have developed interest in cooking so anybody who is getting married or wants to learn this is the best place to learn since you will end up with confidence and a smile.

Zainab Hussain

House Wife

I was in India recently when I had a chance to learn from Mrs Neeta Khurana. She is a wonderful teacher and a great cook. I got my basics cleared while learning new cooking, baking and ice-cream making techniques. I found her professional, highly knowledgeable, employing simple methods to teach. Her classes are really very well-organised. Highly recommended!

Shobha Grover

Office Manager

This class gave me immense pleasure and everything went really very well. Ma’am gave easy baking tips which will help me in the long run and she is ready to guide at any hour of the day. Great experience!

Shriyak Jain

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